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Originally Posted by Cinnamonamon View Post
It looks like they are tetra brand -- they had a weird 2nd color in the center of them, which threw me off! I had some "use it or lose it" coupon at Petsmart and I accidentally grabbed these instead of their plain algae wafers. The little dudes usually get Hikari brand algae wafers. IIRC, they didn't have an ingredients list, but to be honest, they've been at the bottom of the bin (at home, and I usually visit the forum when I'm at work lol) for a couple months and I don't remember for sure. I'm also not always sure what to avoid feeding in community tank situations (aside from the copper thing), so I was nervous! Thanks everyone.

@livebearerlove everyone always says zucchini! The problem is, then *I* would have to eat the rest of it! I bought all the ingredients for some snello, which I'm sure everyone in the tank will enjoy, but to be honest, I generally feed all the little dudes canned green beans. It is hilarious to see the shrimp climbing inside a green bean "skin." I tried raw spinach (frozen, then warmed, to break it down a bit), but none of the shrimp or the snails would touch it.
Didnt your mother tell you to eat your veggies?
I chop off a 'slice' about 1/4 inch thick. Boil it, place in freezer to cool down. Attache to a paper clip. Remove after an hour or so...
The green beans sounds interesting- Ill try that and see if they 'bite'! haha! I just dont keep canned or packages anything in the house (except for our emergency kit) as I have systemic mastocytosis- the additives/cooking/fermentation causes problems for me.

The rest of the zucchini I keep in the fridge- should keep for over a week. But yes, YOU should eat your veggies! zucchini provides potassium, magnesium, vitamins B6, riboflavin, folate, C, K, calcium and manganese. Put it in a stir fry or slice and dip it in dressing for a snack (ok... off my soap box).

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