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Originally Posted by Discusluv View Post
You added these fish after fully cycled?
The fish that you added- which groups at which time? How long ago?

There were no ammonia or nitrIte readings at any time after adding fish?

How many water changes and volume of water changes since tank established with no ammonia or nitrates- but nitrAte reading?

Any aggression between fish?
It looks to me like the dorsal is completely gone ? Fin rot of that extent takes longer than overnight.

Is the fish eating?

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Yeah I bout the 2 pearls and the 3 ottos and put them in at the same time (about a week after I finished cycling). I've been chcking ammonia, nitrite and nitrate readings continuously and theyve been great as I said above. I did a water change right before going to buy the fish and havent done one since. Well, this now apparantly sick male has been bullying and chasing around my other pear (presumably female) since I bought them so I dont see how the other pearl could have done this... Also he's been eating perfectly fine. But when I checked on him this morning, he seems to be hanging about in the lower part of the tank near the substrate while the other smaller pearl is staying way up high near the surface
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