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The plants from @Saxa Tilly and @Immortal1 came in yesterday and got put in the tank. Waiting on one more from @vvDO and am praying there's enough room for them.

What's been done since last post?

1. Moved the return back to the center of the tank and turned down output to about 70%. This has helped improve flow throughout the tank and kept plants from getting blown sideways. The side effect is more suspended sediment is settling back down on the rocks and some plants. Once everything's settled in and rooted I'm going to try putting my MP10 in there to get as much dust into the filter as possible.

2. Taped up part of the sump. Even if this doesn't do much for increasing CO2 efficiency it's helped to reduce noise in the living room.

3. Added about 40 Osmocote Plus gelcaps around the different groups of plants. Some were put inside groups that are more spread out and others were put on the edges of more tightly packed groups, like the Crypts. All were put down as deep as I could get.

4. Added 1/2 tsp KNO3, approx. 1/8 tsp KH2PO4, approx 1/32 tsp CSM+B, and approx 0.01ppm Brightwell Ferrion that's in both +2 and +3 forms. The intention is to get some amount of nutrients in their until the Osmocote takes off. I'll likely continue dosing this until the plants show that they don't need it anymore. Since Osmocote doesn't have Ca in it I'll continue adding GH booster with water changes and may need to add either Calcium Sulfate or Calcium Ammonium Nitrate salt in small doses if it looks like it's needed.

5. Planted, of course!

My overall goal is to cut way back on water column supplementation in the hopes it will help the widest variety of plants grow. As easy as it is to dose dries I'm not feeling like messing with it as the sole source of nutrition these days and hope to use them only as supplements to address acute issues. Also, I'm not sure what sort of animals are going to end up in there so I want to keep water chemistry as neutral as possible to give more options when the time comes.


Once the stuff from Vinny (vvDO) comes in the hard part begins; keeping my hands out of the tank until it's time to trim.
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