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Originally Posted by livebearerlove View Post
Ok... so drop checker is in with liquid.

The CO2 is on the lowest setting possible... getting that lowest setting is quite the feat as its less than 1mm of a turn. That doesnt do anything to the indicator (dark blue after 4 hours). But the plants are COVERED in bubbles.

  • Could it be because I have a higher pH in my tank? I read the below on a website.
  • Should I increase the CO2 till its green? to get to the amount I need is very hard with this manual turning system... very difficult for those of us with arthritis (a fraction of a milliliter at a time with a itty bitty metal dial). I thihnk this will become a nightmare turning it on and off each day and waiting 2 hours between fraction turns. Will any solenoid valve and timer work with this small system so I can turn it off at night?or should I just upgrade to a bigger one?

'Drop checkers donít actually monitor CO2, they monitor pH. When you add CO2 (an acidic gas) into your tank, it reduces the pH. When your drop checker is showing blue, itís telling you the pH is around 8 (far too high for plants). As you inject CO2 your drop checker will change colour (assuming youíre injecting enough CO2). The solution will begin to look a bit more green. When it hits a nice shade of green it means your pH is about 6.8 and your CO2 levels are 30ppm (parts per million). Green is the ideal colour to aim for and what you need to strive for.'

Are you running local tap water? What is your normal pH and kH? If it is anything like mine, you will want to shoot for a pH of 7.3-7.4.

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