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Cloudiness, Be Gone!

Hello all. I've had my new aquarium setup for about 3 weeks now. First one since moving states 3 years ago and leaving the hobby for a while. I'm dealing with an issue I've not dealt with before, at least for as long. Cloudiness! That white haze just won't seem to let up. Some stats:

46 gallon tank with injected co2, ei ferts with added dtpa iron. 2x 30w led flood lights @6500k, 10 hrs per day. ~70 PAR at substrate. BDBS substrate with osmocote plus tabs. Marineland magniflow 360 filter with added purigen, rest as it comes.
PH: 6.5 with co2 injected
GH : 10
KH: 5
No2: ~0.5
Stock: 15 adult guppies, 1 dwarf gourami, 3 true siamese algae eaters, 11 green neon, 2 nerite, 1 mystery, 2 Amano shrimp

So, I started with substrate and water, dosing stability for a week. Added plants and fish. That's a bit over 2 weeks ago. I've had some growth but a lingering cloudiness. I'm not sure if it's cycling or something else, as anytime I've had it in the past its gone in a few days. Everyone in the tank seems happy, even some guppy fry born. I just want that crystal water! Also some GSA around but I'm not as concerned with that! Any ideas? Attached photo is day 1 on top, today on bottom.
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