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Originally Posted by livebearerlove View Post
Personally, I have mostly low tech tanks (only one high tech). My growth is attributed to a few things:
Water column, ferts, light. Considering most of my tanks are Nano, low-medium light with low bioloads- I need to be very diligent with controlling my ferts. I find root tabs unpredictable.... If for some reason I realize I need to cut down on ferts- then your stuck digging things up trying to find the root tabs! (did it once.... with a fluval edge- so I ended up hurting my fish trying to dig through a 4 in hole in the lid!).
So I prefer to dose the water column.

However, with your situation of just using flourish is obsolete these days as its missing some important nutrients. Therefore I would ask you to check out Thrive C... its more complete and its 1 squirt per 5 gallons. It does contain carbon as well, but you can also dose Excel and your plants will rocket to the sky!
Thrive C and Flourish Excel. Got it. Will any of this be harmful to the shrimp? Or even tetras, bettas or kuhli loaches? Depending on how it would on the small tank, I'd want to try this on my 30g. Thanks!
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