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Im a low tech fanatic... I have done a similar situation. I was moving country to country.... therefore this is what I did when I was going to leave a new tank for 14 days on pre-move trips:
Step 1) Test the water out of your tap.... Check KH/GH/PH... consider different substrate options, etc (lower than ph6 can cause a pause in bacteria growth).
Step 2) Set up my hardscape and my substrate (usually I use eco complete below, and a layer of amazonia on top) if you have low KH, then I add some crushed coral to the filter or cuddlebone.
Step 3) Set up filter.... preferably with seeded media
Step 4) Flood the tank (no plants, no lights)
Step 5) put something dead in.... and some positive bacteria.
Step 6) Turn filter on (no lights)
........when you get back plant your heart out with a tank that will be well on its way to being cycled. Then your cycle might tank another week while planted (you can add ammonia to ensure its good to go).
Step 7) Watch your parameters kh/gh/ph/amonia/nirtites/nitrates and start your ferts.
Step 8) Add fishhies

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