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Attempting a Walstad Nano Tank

I have decided to try a 2.5 gallon tank using the Walstad method. I am trying for as low tech as possible—no heater, no filter, although I am planning on a light, if only a clip on one. This will be a plants-only tank, or, if it’s successful, I might add some cherry shrimp later.

So: I plan on using Miracle Gro soil (not sure the exact type yet) capped with CaribSea Floramax, because that’s what I have on hand.

For plants, I’m going to get a marimo, some ludwigia, java moss, bronze crypts, and frogbit (all from my other tank), and I was thinking I’d get some java fern as well. The java moss I’m planning to attach to some smallish stones.

Suggestions on how to set it up successfully? Are there any flaws in my plan? Tips on how to get the java moss to attach to rocks? (Right now it’s just a loose clump in my 10 gallon lol).
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