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I added some Amano shrimp a while back and didn't really ever see them again so I thought I had made some kind of stupid mistake when acclimating them or something, but I have caught a glimpse of 1 or 2 of them a couple times in the last week or two. So that's exciting! I do like to watch shrimp live their shrimpy lives.

The Aqueon QuietFlow filter is still the least quiet filter I can remember having, and I do really like the Fluval U2 I have in there with it, so I ordered a U3 to replace the Aqueon. It should be here tomorrow. I tried sending a message to Aqueon customer service about the noise, but no response. So it goes.

I also got one of the fancypants Kasa smart power strips. It's been AMAZING for turning off the filters for feeding time. Previously, I was crawling around plugging and unplugging at awkward angles.

Planning on adding some male endlers and some ramshorns to the tank soon.

On to the pics!

Full tank shots. The short end view is my favorite, though it's the one I see the least.

Lagenandra Meeboldii 'Red' has been taking off. It seems very happy with life, and is a lovely bright green. If it shows any red in the future, that'll just be a bonus.

Anubias Barteri have been putting out new leaves at a rate of maybe one a week, which is downright speedy by my reckoning. Also pictured, Buce Catherine which is the happiest Buce I've ever had.

Another patch of Anubias Barteri with the undifferentiated crypt from Petco. This crypt is getting suuuuuper bushy. I think it's a Beckettii. Some of the larger leaves have a bit of bronze on them.

Echinodorus Hadi Red Pearl is pretty happy with life too, though so far content to stay tissue-culture sized. Still, it's always got a new leaf under production.

I think this is my favorite plant right now, Cryptocoryne Pontederiifolia. I'm just a fan of the leaf shape and colors it has at the moment.

The Echinodorus Horemanii Red has been mostly melting since I added it to the tank. The stems and roots are still strong, though it's prone to floating off. I did see a new leaf this week though, so there's hope. The Crypt Lucens also melted back significantly, but there is at least one solid leaf left for each planting so I am hoping for a nice rebound at some point. My tiny petco tissue culture anubias and bucephalandra haven't shown any change.

Fish pics! <3 my herd of blue-eyes. They are so fun when they flare at each other, but that's very hard to get on camera.

The gudgeons are starting to grow noticeably bigger than the rainbows and get some nice colors going.
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