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Still a newbie so if im in the wrong spot please move me where i need to go if possible. This is only my secomd post on any kind of forem ever.

So backstory I had a tank that was cycled really well specifically for my feeder/hobby snails and one cherry shrimp. They are in an 8 gallon biorb. I know biorbs are dangerous for just about everything if you arnt careful but I made sure the tank had been cycling and doing well on its own for almost 4 months before adding my snails, shrimp and java moss. The water tests have been staying perfect between 0-.25ppm for ammonia (usually 0 unless the snails had just been fed) 0ppm nitrite and 5.00ppm nitrate.
Unfortunately my rather hard of hearing roommate (bless his heart he tried) misunderstood when I said "ill go ahead and feed them 3 aglea wafers to last the weekend while we are away" and thought i said to "feed them 3 aglea wafers a day". So now theres a massssssive bacterial bloom and all the snails are staying super close to the surface to get oxygen. Naturally now my ammonia is at 4.0ppm nitrites 5.00ppm possibly more the test only goes that high and my nitrates are at 10ppm. I know this is dangerous. The good news is all the tasty algea meant they bred like rabbits while we were gone and there are probably thousands of eggs on the walls of the tank and i really dont want to lose my babies.

I know biorbs can be aweful and im wanting to change mine to be better using the method designed by the pond guru

However i want to change it slightly to better suite my snails. Im thinking of doing it exactly like this but leaving out the biological media from the tank floor so that its only foam collecting the bits the snails and my shrimp eat. Im thinking it will allow them easier access to food and me easier access to the snail poop during cleaning time without the fear of them being crushed by the media while sifting it about.

Should i replace all of the water or do an 80% water change when i do this? I have a fresh bucket of water setting out in the sun i put it there yesterday to rid it of the chlorine and chloramine (not sure if i spelled these correctly) while im waiting for my filter foam to come in the mail and a small spare temp tank that is a bit high in nitrate at 40ppm. But its at 0ppm for ammonia and nitrite. And the only other water i have right now is tap. I feel like i should move my snails shrimp and java moss to the temp tank for a couple days until the biorb has been renivated. But nitrates are dangerous just so unsure what to do....will my eggs live until tomorrow when i can change the water safely? Should i move my grown up snails now? Nitrate is supposed to be less dangerous than the others..i really hope someone sees this soon 😕 thank you for any help you can provide!!!

Also can my moss be saved or will it start up this bloom again seriously its insane it looks like cotton fibers have made a nest in the bubble tube 😰

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