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I currently have 5 yoyo loaches in my heavily planted 75 gallon community tank. they are all between 1.5"-2" I want to rehouse them sooner rather than later before they get too large. I set up a 55 gallon tank with sand substrate. I could move the loaches to the 55.

OR... I could leave the loaches in the 75 and move all other fish in my tank (tetras and corys) to the 55 gallon with sand substrate to give the loaches more room.

*also, worried about the loaches destroying and uprooting plants. the yoyo's dig constantly so I cant imagine any plants staying put in that 55 gallon with sand substrate.

75 gallon, heavily planted, 585GPH filtration (2 canister filters) + 1 sponge filter, seachem fluorite substrate
55 gallon, 500GPH filtration (brand new aquaclear 110) + 1 sponge filter, caribsea sand

all opinions and ideas are welcome.

75 gallon heavily planted tropical tank
15 zebra danios
15 glowlight tetras
6 cory cats
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