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Originally Posted by Cichlid-140 View Post
I just ordered an Octo lid this morning, a bit more expensive, but I think it will look better with the clean look of the tank.

Originally Posted by tredford View Post
That carpet anemone has amazing color! Can't wait to see the new tank up and running.
Thanks. That carpet is the pride of my tank! My spotcinclus clown think so too.

Originally Posted by Cichlid-140 View Post
BTW I'm betting you're going to be very happy with the WaterBox. I have been. The overflow andsump are very well designed and matched which is one of the best parts. Once you tune the overflow it's very quiet.
I LOVE it so far! I can't wait to finish filling it and turning it on. Only about 8 hours of RO running and I will be ready to turn it on.

Originally Posted by OVT View Post
@lpsouth1978, the stand is looking good. What plastic parts were missing from the doors? I am still trying to figure out how the magnetic door latches would work without any metal in the doors themselves.

Waterbox's support is pretty good, even though they have a single person handling all the calls.

Waiting for the pictures of the tank on the stand
If you look at the picture without doors, you will see some little holes on the side of the sump chamber. These were supposed to have little plastic pieces in them, almost like tiny drywall anchors, but they were missing. Waterbox sent some out immediately and everything is now perfect.

Originally Posted by Cichlid-140 View Post
On mine The doors are on soft close hinges. The release posts are the spring loaded press to release type and aren't magnetic the tension of the hinge keeps the door closed till a press on it trips the post to push the door slightly open.

Bump: And now for some pics. So far I have about 70 gallons of water in the tank. ~40 from the soaking of the driftwood, and another ~30 fresh RO/DI. I have my RO system running right now, producing water as fast as possible. Luckily, I have a 400gpd light commercial system that really makes a lot of water fast! So far I only have some driftwood and sand in the tank. I have IAL and alder coned soaking, but they are not sinking yet, almost 48 hours later, so I have not added them yet. I have also ordered a few river stones and an assortment of seed pods from Tannin Aquatics.

Let me know what you think. Should I get some more driftwood? Maybe add some to the other side of the tank? O just leave that side open with twigs, stones, and leaf litter?

20190413_110520 by Lyle Southard, on Flickr

20190413_110525 by Lyle Southard, on Flickr
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