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90 gallon rejuvenation


This is a 90 gallon corner tank. It has been set up for, what I am coming to understand, is a very long time: 8.5 years.
The tank has gone through various stages of care and neglect but never torn down. Iíve been working on bringing it back to life for about 3 months now. There is a steep learning curve!
Some tank info:
- Fluval Venezia corner tank (I think)
- currently 2 - 6 year old 24Ē T5ho bulbs in front and 2 unknown 12Ē bulbs in the back corner. Updating lights in the next 2 weeks.
- drilled with a Fluval 406 canister. Very well established media
Neutral sand substrate. Unknown brand.

Last weekly 50% water change:
Ph 7.5 (untreated tap water is 8.0)
Ammonia 0
Nitrites 0
Nitrates 5-10

Fauna: 2 - 7ish year old Denison Barbs, 10 green tetras, 2 silver tip tetras (added after tank stabilized), 4 elderly platies, 1 - 8 year old bristlenose pleco, 1-5 year old peppered Cory, 2 assassin snails
Fauna: a whole lot of 8.5 year old crypts, spiral vals, a tall crypt and a good sized bolbitis
Using Seachem Flourish as per bottle instructions.

This tank was truly neglected for quite a long time. My not so secret shame.... I didnít know the canister filter needed to be rinsed/cleaned regularly. I rinsed the sponges and changed them occasionally. Rinsed 8 years of crud out that fateful day 3 months ago - good times.

Mini cycle and massive ph swing followed. All but a couple platies made it through.

There is a ton of hard red algae on the back glass and Iíve been slowly working on scraping it off the front during weekly maintenance. It grows back quite quickly. Particularly where the filter output hits the glass. Iíve never seen anything like it. Started a few years ago when I wasnít maintaining the tank properly. Guessing itís part of the set up going for so long?

Currently debating tearing it down and starting over with new substrate. But I have no idea what to do with the fish, plants and filter during that time.
Alternatively just plowing ahead with updating the lid, lighting and eventually adding Co2.

Ultimate goal is a healthy, heavily planted tank with Rainbow fish.

Still have so much to learn!

Tank as of today:

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