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Waterbox 230.6 Blackwater build

I finally pulled the trigger and ordered a new Waterbox 230.6 from Marine Depot. I spoke to Waterbox customer service and was told that it should ship out tomorrow, so hopefully I will be able to start working on getting it setup.

The plan is to make this a Blackwater Amazon tank. I will likely not be doing a true biotope, but I think it will be close. Here is a list of the items I have already purchased and my planned stocking list.

Gear: (owned)

- Waterbox 230.6
- Jebao DCP 13000 return pump
- American Marine Pinpoint pH monitor
- 400GPD light commercial RO system with dual DI canisters (used for my Reef system)
- 3 large pieces of Manzanita
- 500 IAL/Catappa leaves
- 150 Alder cones
- Several boxes of peat
- small pump and tubing for ATO (no controller yet)
- 100lbs of Pool filter sand

Gear: (still need to purchase)
- Heaters and temp controllers
- Lights (considering AI Hydra 26HD, turned WAY down, so i can use them for a reef later if I decide)
- ATO controller

Planned stocking:
- Small school of Discus (6 or 7)
- Shoal of hatchetfish (15-20)
- Shoal of Cardinal tetras (15-20)
- Shoal of Rummynose tetras (15-20)
- Several Cory Cats
- A couple of plecos (maybe gold nugget or rio negro)
- floating plants of some sort

I would also LOVE to add some rams, but I am not sure whether they would work well with the Discus. As this is my first venture into blackwater, please let me know if there is anything that I have left out or should take into consideration. I welcome your comments and suggestions.

I will start posting pics as soon as the tank is delivered so stay tuned.
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