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Help with 150 gallon planted aquirium

As per the subject I have a 150 gallon planted aquirium. I was originally aiming towards a self sustaining ecosystem, requiring no need for a filter. I had it set up perfectly and almost ready for the fish. The plants have made their roots and was in "Jungle Status" with shrimp and snails thriving and no visible algae forming.
Then came the problem with the substrate. I was dumb and put in organic soil on top of sand and rocks. As you can imagine, bad idea. Now I have sand, rocks and then black diamond sand. Everything is perfect, plants starting growing again, even though there is only about 25% of the plants of what used to be there left. I am trying to get more plants since losing 75% of them (any suggestions of nice colorful plants I can add are appreciated, more appropriately I want a good carpeting plant so suggestions for that are also appreciated).
Either way I am thinking of getting a canister filter because I have some worms (specifically like 10 tubifex worms I can see). My question is should I get a filter, as is it really needed with heavily planted tanks? If I do I am going to medicate the water to kill the worms, or is there another solution to get rid of these guys?
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