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Something chewing on my plants?

Most of my plants are doing reasonably well -- some are doing great -- but the Anubias and Amazon swords look as if something is chewing on the new growth. I'm wondering if somebody in my tank has gone vegetarian.

Tank inhabitants:
5 Boesmanii rainbows
2 turquoise rainbows
1 clown loach
two Bolivian rams
five Siamese algae eaters
six Otocinclus
two nerite snails
An uncensused but large population of Malaysian trumpet snails -- at least that's what they seem to be.

I suspect either the clown loach or the snails, but none are supposed to eat vegetation, especially when there are other ample food sources. But the new growth really does look like it's being chewed on.

Any ideas?

... Well, holy crude metaphor. Even as I finished writing this, I saw one of my Boesmanii 'bows go after the new growth on one of the anubias. I didn't think they did that. And it beats me what to do about it; I'm very fond of the 'bows.
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