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Several questions as a beginner in planted tanks

I am emptying out my 100 gallon used to house my Arowana and converting it to a 100 gallon shrimp tank with carpet plants n stuff. I found most of my information online already but there are some that I wasn't able to find. The tank is 48"L x 20"H x 18"W with HOB filters. I plan on adding a powerhead with the outflow going into a tube that leads to a inline CO2 reactor.

1. How much flow do I need for it to push water and CO2 from one side of the tank to the other while making sure the carpet plants (Monte Carlo) get enough? I was thinking of getting a violet pipe (variant of the lily pipe that aims slightly downward) with a 300 GPH Marineland powerhead. Is 300 GPH enough to push water diagonally downward to the other side of my 48" tank? It is a shrimp tank so I don't want a fire hose battering my shrimp.

2. Because it is a 100 gallon, will I have to remove dead shrimp of can I just leave them in? I am planning on having maybe 100 red cherry shrimp, maybe more with Nerite snails. Are they able to eat the carcass or will it just stay there and rot?
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