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My First Planted Nano Betta Tank

Started my first planted nano betta tank back on February 20, wanted to start my tank journal.

I picked up a Topfin Essentials 5.5g tank from Petsmart.

It came with a TopFin 10g HOB, and led hood. Since I was new to the forum so I have been trying to cycle my tank for the last few weeks.

My plants were some Anubias Nana and Anubias Frazeri and some Marimo Moss balls.

Plants: Anubias, Java Fern, Java Moss, Amazon Sword, Micro Sword, Crypt, Anacharis

My hardscape is with slate and spiderwood from LFS

Substrate: CarribSea ECO-Complete

Pressurized CO2: Aquatek Mini Regulator with inline FABCO NV-55-18 Needle valve and 20Oz Paintball Tank

Fertilizer: NilocG Thrive and ThriveS

Bump: The kit lighting seemed weak for plants I upgraded to a 16" Finnex Fugeray Planted +

Bump: Added more plants:

Got some Java Fern and Java Moss from a friend

Bump: Decided to do a fish-in cycle and added my Betta

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