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Originally Posted by Immortal1 View Post
Gotcha - not a big fan of the "yellow" look either. Can't recall if you have been to the Share your dosing thread yet. If you know the substrate PAR of your lighting it would be interesting to see how your dosing compares as I suspect your light level is probably about half of what mine is. Small tweeks in your dosing might help reduce algae to a very minimal level - assuming good tank maintenance is happening.
I have not visited the "Share your dosing" thread yet as I have not yet measured my PAR at the substrate. I think your assumptions are most likely correct as I don't think my par is very high.

I plan on getting a par measuring device, a ph probe, and the "bubble counter" replacement gauge that Greggz and a few others use around this forum. I simply cannot count the bubbles that are going into the tank ATM.

Once I have the above measurements/controls in place I will then be able to tweek my dosing.

My tank maintenance is as follows:

50% water change
Trim plants
Manually remove algae

I also clean a canister every 3 weeks which means each canister gets cleaned every 6 weeks.

This journal is awesome and I'm glad that I started this thread. Thank you all for the encouragement and feedback!

I anticipate that the simple act of starting this journal will result in a much more beautiful tank in the long run.

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