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Ventchur's 25g Cube - Planted Tank Journal

First ever journal in this hobby after having a number of tanks. I try my best to run a high tech setup and it will be fun to finally document a tank from start to finish. In this scape I'm using black lava rock, manzanita wood for hardscape, la plata sand and tropica soil for substrate. Livestock includes Ember tetra's, Harlequin rasbora's, Oto's, Amano shrimp, and Fire red shrimp. I'd appreciate any comments!

25g Seapora Cube tank
Eheim 2213 filter
10lb Co2 setup
Eheim 350 skimmer
Chihiros 45cm RGB LED

Monte Carlo
Rotala H'ra
Rotala Green
AR Mini
Dwarf Hairgrass
Staurogyne Repens
Hygrophila Pinnatifida
Trident Java Fern
Mini Pelia
Anubias Petite
Various Bucephalandra

Scape #1 2018

Some things I learned from this scape
- I only have 18x18x18 to work with so large or long growing plants overpower and throw off sense of scale
- Especially had problems with the Needle leaf java fern growing too long, reaching the glass then growing upwards
- Christmas & Pinna sort of created a canopy at the top of the tank and blocked too much light

Scape #2 2019
The tear down

Clean & ready to go

Wood & rocks in

Zips & substrate in

Day 1:

Day 35:

Day 52:

Day 64:

Day 77:

Day 130:

Day 326:

Some thoughts after..
- First time using tissue culture plants, the quality and quantity is amazing
- Need to work on the right side as some eggcrate is still visible
- Might add more small rocks + christmas moss to fill in

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