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FWIW, You guys are awesome!! I sincerely appreciate your time and interest in helping.

Ok, let's go over the info again;

Tank 55 standard.

Light - 8 hour photo period. Beamsworks DA 6500 48"

Fert - Thrive and root tabs. Have been dosing 5 pumps=10ml the day after water change (Sunday), then same dose again on Wed. "1 pump(2ml) per 10g will add ~7ppm NO3, 1.3ppm PO4, 5ppm K, and 0.25ppm Fe" I will test my tap water for nitrates and post that value asap. If I am understanding correctly, you are suggesting a larger dose post water change 30ml, then a mid week 14ml dose? Or to convert, 15 pump and 7 pump dose on respective days. Is that correct and or dependent on my tap water nitrate results? Sorry for repeat question/confirmation, I want to get the dosing right.

Additives - Excel 25ml with water change and 5ml daily

Glad to hear that some of my plant selection has a chance.

Root tabs - Seachem Flourish. Used near all stem plants. I have patience and time to work on, prune, clean, shape, experiment.

I will definitely check out myriophyllumm...thx for the recommendation.

Journal - Makes sense to have all info in one place for all to see.

Thank you for the optimism Quag

I read your sig link as soon as I could see them. I will be all over this one as soon as I click post.

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