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Originally Posted by PlantedRich View Post
This is the thing that makes each if us choose how we want to do the dosing. Some prefer to not test and just go with doing lots of water change with the idea of "rest" on the overdose of ferts we are adding when doing it EI. I started EI but then found that I was always too high on nitrate and way to high on phosphate and this is when dry ferts seemed better as I was able to totally stop dosing potassium nitrate and cut way back on phosphate. I don't mind the testing and each tank does act a bit different, so my situation comes down to doing the testand after some time, as I see how each tank settles in, I adjust what I am adding and I also find that tanks do change as the fish and plants are always growing dying or changing in some way. The sub is also prone to change as it collects more debris or we move things around. At one point, I was working the idea of keeping up on vacing the surface but as I got more into dirt from falling out of pots and spilling, the idea of vacing well enough to keep that dirt out was just not going to work and it is far less work to just leave it and adjust my ferts as the whole tank changes much like the garden outside.
The garden is always changing as plants and trees change so that light and growth changes. Maybe that's why they call it a hobby? Because we never run out of "fun" things to do. Like trim the weeds in the tank!!!

One small hint that is easy to miss if you get a Clippard is the way it is put together so that the top can be rotated to better fit how the wires, etc come out. Okay to rotate the body but recommended NOT to take it apart as it may not fit back just right.
I'm sold. It will be much easier to make adjustments. Especially since my water already has high nitrates out of the tap and I will have to adjust my dosing for my automatic drip.

In regards to testing. I have the API freshwater master test kit (the smaller one). I am guessing I will need to get KH, GH, Phosphate, and Fe (Iron). Is there any need to test for Mg or anything else?

Thanks for the tip on not taking the solenoid apart. I have a tendency to want to see how things work. Haha.

I have already played around with loosening the collar to rotate the terminals (nice feature btw.). It is obvious that the Clippard solenoid is a quality piece of equipment.

My regulator body has been delayed. It appears that the ETA on arrival has been pushed out to next week... <frowny face with tears>

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