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65 gallon Iwagumi style Paludarium for vampire crabs.

I have decided to start my journal for the remake of my 65 gallon paludarium hoping it will motivate me to complete things faster than a snails pace. Here is a link to my old paludarium in case anyone wants to take a gander:

I loved the old tank and had a lot of fun building it and sharing it with the forum. However, the tank had several issues that I hope to alleviate this time around.

1. There was always surface scum and I still had duckweed in this tank. The duckweed was the main problem I had with the tank in my first build (this current one is the 3rd rebuild)

2. The heater failed quickly after I installed it. While I can't say for certain my guess is that a fluctuating water level is to blame for the malfunction. It was difficult to remove the heater and I never bothered to since I would have to dismantle a large part of the scape to do so.

3. While the water feature worked and looked cool at first, it was quickly obstructed from view by plants.

4. The humidity levels in the tank were not what I thought they would be. This dried out the clay wall and I did not get any decent moss growth other than close to the water line.

5. Clay fell into the water a good bit. (I wouldn't want to know what the TDS of the tank was)

6. The inhabitants could get behind the hardscape and many times I could not see a single inhabitant due to them being hidden.

7. I want the scape to have more impact and want to lower the water level too. With more focus on the land portion with a water feature that starts higher in the tank for more of a waterfall effect.

The main thing I want to change is to employ a sump in this design. This will help to have easy access to equipment and will help with surface skimming and a constant water level. I wanted to make a sump with the previous build but the way this tank is set up I need to drill the tank to do it and at the time was too afraid that I would crack the glass. I plan on the outflow of the sump feeding into a waterfall feature which I hope will increase the humidity to the higher reaches of the tank. I will also be adding a misting system to help with this.

I am also going to change the hardscape and drop the water level as well as making improvements to ensure inhabitants are front row and center. This includes improvements to the claywall.

I am also going to be adding a lot of other bells and whistles to make it cooler overall.

I am currently in the middle of tearing the old tank apart. This included tearing down each chunk of the clay wall and removing any isopods I found (which was a lot). As I said this has been painstakingly slow and I hope I can increase my pace overall.

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