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Help! No idea how much to dose.

Hello, I have been kind of just fertilizing a lil bit of wverything but I am wondering if their are any pros here who can tell me exact measurements??? I have a 10 gallon with flourite. 36 6500K T5 for 10 hours a day.
Flourish Excel
Flourish iron
Flourish phosphorous
Macro micro mix from aquariumfertilizers
What do i dose????? And how much?
I do have incredibly hard water with nitrates present but i am planning on using RO water from now on or DI.
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First what does this mean ? " 36 6500K T5"
Second you CAN use all RO water or mix/w tap but all means you will need to re-mineralize it. Since I don't use it straight I don't have the name of a product to use for that but I'm sure someone else will let you know that.
Will get back but now leaving for apmnt.

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Wow, that's a lot of ferts for a 10g, does the "36" refer to, 36 watts? If so, that's a lot of light also. How heavily planted is the tank? Do you have algae issues? And, what's wrong with hard water? Why are you going to DI or R/O? Hard water means it's got minerals in it already, (how hard is "hard"). If you are running 36 watts, are you adding co2, or letting the excel make up the carbon needs. As, some plants, such as Val's, don't do well with excel, also, what kind of substrate do you have?
I found for me, I cut my ferts way down, and see how the plants react, as, with that lighting and amount of ferts, you are either going to have algae, and/or your plants are going to grow too fast, and require a lot of trimming
Good luck, Len
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Sorry, I just noticed you have fluorite, I would cut my iron dosing down, as, I find iron causes algae, and I believe the fluorite should satisfy the iron needs
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Flourish Which one? Comprehensive? Other?
Flourish Excel Follow label directions. Skip the loading dose if you have sensitive plants. For example Valisneria is one that does not care for this product very much, but seems OK with the low dose.
Flourish iron Follow label directions
Flourish phosphorous Follow label directions
Macro micro mix from aquariumfertilizers From their site: "Macro Micro Nutrient Mix 1 lb contains 1 equal part each of Potassium Nitrate, Potassium Sulfate, Magnesium Sulfate, Plantex CSM+B"

With high light, use the higher end of the labeled dosing.

The element plants use the most of is carbon. Keep dosing the excel, daily if you can work out a schedule.

The elements the plants use next most of are N, P and K. These are macros. If your tap water is adding N, then you might need to modify the dosing (even down to not dosing N). Read the labels on the products you have. The Aquarium Fertilizers product has N, so you might dose this only after the NO3 from your water is getting used up. Does the NO3 level drop through the week? The plants are using it. Dose toward the end of the week.
P- Yes, dose according to the label.
K- do you have a source of potassium? The Aquarium Fertilizer product has K2SO4, this is a reasonable source of K if you are using enough of it. But with the nitrogen problem you are probably not dosing enough of the blended product to get enough K. (MUCH better to get each material separately, order only the ones your tank needs)

Elements plants use in moderate amounts, secondary nutrients:
Ca, Mg, Fe and a few others. Usually supplied by tap water, fish food. If the GH of the water is at least 3 degrees then there is enough Ca and Mg for most plants. If you dilute your tap water with RO you might have to dose GH booster. Depends on what the GH ends up after the dilution. GH booster often has K as well.
Magnesium sulfate in the aquarium fertilizer blend will raise the GH, but without supplying the Ca that the plants need. I do not like it when they force you to use what your tank may not need, and in the wrong ratios.

Fe is the secondary nutrient that may be in some trace mixes, but most plants seem to need a bit more, so dosing it separately is good. If you have multiple sources make sure you are not over dosing. The aquarium fertilizer blend includes CSM+B, which contains some iron. Since I do not think you will be using much of this I would dose the seachem iron.

Elements plants need in smallest amounts. Micros or Trace minerals.
The Micros from Aquarium Fertilizer is CSM+B, and the Comprehensive (if that is what you have) are both micros. Dose one or the other, or alternate, or whatever works for you. Read these labels for iron, too. Many people will use certain trace mineral formulas (like CSM+B) and add some extra iron.

Here is how I would dose:
Enough N to keep the nitrate between 5-10 ppm, and a bit higher is just fine.
Enough P to keep the ratio of N:P about 10:1. The exact ratio is not important, just a lot more N than P.
Plenty of K. I understand the tests do not work well for K, so I do not know how, except by following label directions.
Enough Fe. If you have more than one source, then follow low-end instructions on each one, knowing that the combined dose will end up in the right range.
Micros: I would alternate so that if one has something the other is low in the end result is that through the week all the elements are supplied. Do not overdose.

Day 1: N (if needed), P, K, Excel
Day 2: Micros (comprehensive), Iron, Excel
Day 3: N (if needed), P, K, Excel
Day 4: Micros (comprehensive), Iron, Excel
Day 5: Use the Aquarium Fertilizer product today. And Excel.
Day 6: Micros (comprehensive), Iron, Excel
Day 7: water change. Supplement the water if needed with GH booster.

In the future:
Buy separate products from Aquarium fertilizer and dose according the the Estimative Index.
K2SO4 (if needed)
GH booster (if needed. Do not substitute magnesium sulfate.)

Hard water = high GH? high KH? Both? Do not dose any GH booster, nor magnesium sulfate.
And if the people who posted ahead of me say that flourite substrate supplies enough iron, then skip that, or very low dose only.
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So my KH and GH are incredibly high in Davis Ca, it is an agricultural town so the water has nitrates and slightly high levels of boron which I know is not good.

Thanks for the explanation! I just finished reading it and I will start testing at the end of the week to see how much leftover I have. I found dosing the extra iron is helping my plants alot! I have ludwigia repens and rotala macandra which are both a very nice red color. I had rotala rountifica floating on the top which started to turn pinkish too.
I was told high light can cause this and also iron. Its been awhile since I just tested the tap. But the indicator was DARKEST purple it could get. Ever since I moved my tank up here my carpeting plants stopped growing. glosso/HC. HC was growing really well back at home and now it stopped.
So I should use Macro Micro mix with Flourish Comp for micros and Iron?
I do not want to buy an individual source of Potassium. So I think I will use the Macro Micro mix to get potassium

Also I do have DIY co2 and Excel. I dose 2ml excel a day.
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