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Help Please!!!!!! INFO ADDED!!!

Hello Everyone!

I have a huge problem! To start off with I have a 55gal planted tank with press. Co2, 110watts 8800k pc and 80watts 6500k Life GlowII NO Flo.. I have been useing Kent Plant and Pro Plant Micros and Macros sence the tank has been settup. Untill I started to run out last month, and I ordered all of the ferts from Greg Watson. I have been following the 46gal doseing reg. on the stickey on this forum. I started to have a little BBA , so I upped my Co2 as many say to do here, and cut my lights from 11hrs from 9hrs. The BBA has slowed down till I went out of town for easter and missed 2 days of treatment! come home last night and the lights were off, but when I woke up today, and I have BBA sprouting up everywhere, and Hair alge growing like Teen wolfs hair when he gets Pissed off!!!! It(hair alge) has taken over my mosses I have been trying to grow, and it is comming up everywhere!!!!

So I tested my water and this is what I came up with!


Nitrate- less than 5ppm

Phosphate- .1ppm

GH- 4 deg.

KH- 11 deg.

What do You all think may be the problem!!

I also have some kind of bug in the tank as well! I have been slowly been loosing fish over a couple of months! I think it is some knid of parasite. But I don't know what I can treatment I can use for Planted aquariums and invers safe so I have been treating with Anti Parasite food per instructions, but it has been not so successfull! But that's is another story!!

I need some HELP, PLEASE!!!

I will post some pics when batteries charge for Camera!


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First, your nitrate is too low - should be around 20 ppm
Second, your phosphate is too low - should be around 2 ppm
I doubt your KH/GH readings - are they reversed?
I suggest you take a water sample from the tank, let it sit overnight, check the PH. Compare that to the mid day PH in the tank. It should be about 1.0 PH lower in the tank - meaning you have 30-40ppm of CO2. If it is 1.3 lower in the tank, you have about 60-80 ppm of CO2, which could be what is killing the fish. If it is .7 lower in the tank, you have about 15 - 20 ppm CO2, which is a bit low to stop the BBA.

Your two days off give you an excuse for letting the algae get out of hand. Mine does that too, but only because I get too lazy to watch it carefully enough.

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Hoppy THANKYOU for your help!!! I am goint to do the things you suggested!! I will redo the GH/KH, but I wrote them down on the Hagen kit chart in pencil so I don't forget wich is wich, but who knows it could be backwards??? LOL

Thanks again!

P.S. the fish NEVER are gasping for air, and I have BUKU pearling+I have a air pump that cuts on when lights come on and goes off in morning. They do the pecking at food, and spit it out. They look like they are healthy, and just die with NO WARNING!My LAST Angel swam into mt Anubias Nana roots, and my Bristle nose pleck was sitting on his log, and both were dead this morning! LOOKED PERFECT except NO breathing and NO life!! But that will get solved when alge gets under control! Not many fish left!! 3 male Guppies, 1 Oto cat, 4 albino Corys, 1 female Cherrie Barb, 1 SAE. THAT'S IT I AM VERY SAD I HATE WHEN I LOOSE FISH!!!i WOULD RATHER HAVE A !BARE! TANK and healthy fish than happy plants and no fish!
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As for my GH/Kh readings. I will list them in ppm as my kit lists!

GH= 80ppm

KH= 110ppm

Does this look better??
I hate all this conversion crapola!!

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Ok Everyone,

Here ar ethe readings after letting the water from the Tank, R/O unit, and the Tap after sitting 24hours!

First off Tank:




Po4- 1-1.5

No3- 5ppm

R/O Water:

PH- 7.0

GH <20ppm

KH- 20ppm

Po4- 0

No3- 0

Tap Water

PH_ 8.4

GH- <20ppm

KH- 240ppm!!!!!!!!???

Po4- .1

No3- 0

Does ant of this make any sence????????????????????????


I Don't know where to go from here!


Thanks for ANY help ANYONE can provide!!!
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