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high nitrites?

i just tested my nitrite level in my breeder.. it reads 2.0ppm.. im a bit stuck really because last night i emptied the tank and only left about 2inches deep, about 2-3 litres... i left a 5 litre bottle of distilled water dripping into the thing overnight. when i woke up it was all in there and all seemed well, ph and gh is how i want it, 6.6 and 3. and the fish seemed ok a little skittish but i think it might be because of the tank they have been like it for a while.. there just never really disturbed so when they are they dont like it, ive added some synthetic plants and theres a few splutters of duckweed in the top..

how can i get the nitrites down? im sure this will stop or inhibit any breeding so i need to get it lower. but i cant really get anymore distilled water for the moment, and need to make the most out of what i have.

i had a powerhead with about an inch of sponge to keep it moving in there, but it was only today that i put the original case back on the powerhead.. which i filled with quilt battling and a sprinkle of ehiem substrat on the top.

could it be re-cycling? or could the lack of filtration have caused this?
i didnt test the nitrite level of the dist.water before i put it in because i assume it would be clean. its definatly strait out of a distiller.

there is one thing.. the bottle that it was in says warning slightly acid solution.. contains ammonia. but its not the original bottle its just been reused.. the water is for an autoclave so im sure these bottles have been washed out and used quite a few times in the past. the bottles use by date was 2002.
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presence of nitrites indicates an inadequate bio filter. The fact that you used an empty ammonia bottle probably caused a spike in ammonia, which was converted to nitrite. If it didn't convert to nitrate, you have a problem.
Additional water changes are needed to reduce nitrite levels. 2.0ppm is more than enough to stress fish.
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ill fill the empty and test it in the morning to see if it is the bottle. i really cant change the water if i want to keep the water as it is.. so i might have to go back and abandon the project till i get some suitable water.. this sucks it was only today i changed the pairs around for a couple 'plumper' females.

i thought it would be the bio filtration. i was hoping that with the foam and substrat it might build up to cope with the nitrite, but as now the nitrite is still at that level. but hasent gone up. ammonia is at 0.5ppm :S i soaked the media in my 55g maybe i could have added some mulm from my can to kick start it quicker.

if the bottle shows ammonia+nitrite in the morning ill know then. i took the bottle from a dentist my sister works at, its used for the autoclaves but in the store room and the autoclave room they have distillers, one is small, one quite big and seems to be the 'filler' as it was rigged to one bottle with a hole in the lid, and loads of full bottles surrouned it. some of the bottles said eletrolytic water or something they use 2 bottles, 1 from xray developing fixer which is the bottle i had.. and the other being bottles of normal distilled they baught before investing in the distiller.. thats my guess because its stock water and has been packaged at a company and labled.

i was worried about the bottle i picked.. but it was the only one i could take without anyone noticing. i should have got one of the other bottles i think.

ill have to work out how to use the damn thing, then i can bottle it in something cleaner. and take as much as i want. my mum cleans there but i expect she will let me go up there one night to full up a few bottles, i expect it takes a while to produce 2 litres and im gonna need 12 lol
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i havent tested the bottle, but the nitrite has dropped to 0.50ppm so it looks like the biofilter is kicking in.. ph has gone up to 7.0 and the hardness GH 5 over the target but i should be able to get that down with my next batch f AMMONIA FREE water.
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i changed 5 litres of the water with another batch of distilled water yesterday, the water when i tested it was 0ppm nitrite, ph 6.6 GH 0
today i test and the water is at 2ppm possibly 5 its hard to tell with the API kit, but more likly 2 as theres no fish, i added some carbon to the filter and removed some of the floss to keep the flow up, but it was only today i switched the pump and heater back on. surly 2 liters nitrite water to 5 liters clean should have eliminated it. at least not made it rise like this.
the bottle says quality controled electrolyte solution which i presume was just distilled water. theres no warning labels on the bottle so i gather whatever product was in here didnt contain anything harmful. and no ingredients.

could it be cycling, like a fishless cycle, im pretty sure this water was clean before i added it. normaly the colour change is pretty quick if there is any nitrate at all the regent go from blue to lilac, so i dont think i should have left the water for a while to make sure. i never tested for ammonia in the bottle because i thought if theres ammonia there will be nitrite.

im really stuck here..i want to get a good biofilter on the go so when any spawning happens i wont have to change the water so much if any while there still in egg stage. once there born im going to get them used to tap water asap.

any tips.. apart from ammonia remover or anything that is commercial or costs money.

ive been testing everyday before i made the change, and it stayed at 2.0ppm all the way, i removed the fish and it remained the same.. so i made the water change.. and its still the same.

i have no light over the tank. but it still gets indirect sunlight from the window. temp is allways about 75 and ph is at 6.8

any other suggestions?
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