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It is for sure that we each have to sort out what works best for us and that is where we are also very prone to getting the wrong idea! When one of us says one thing works better, we all need to fight the urge to feel offended if that idea doesn't match what we like! Some like carrots and some like broccoli but that doesn't mean the person who likes steak is wrong? We just have to sort out what we like on our plate!
So for getting tubing on I find it easy to heat a cup of water in the microwave and heat the tube that way. Dipping it heats it and also adds some water which lubes it a tiny bit.
I find how the tank is set is one factor in how much we need in circulation. I tend to put lots of big stuff like rock and wood and that stuff sticks up to cut into the flow if I don't add flow. Here I like smaller pumps to avoid a large gush all in one place. I find adding small boosts at more places gets the water, CO2, and debris moved around those roadblocks. Powerheads can be good but like mentioned, everything has a downside. One that I hate on them is that they can come loose and wind up pointing down into the sub where they create a real duststorm and the larger, the bigger mess I have, so I go for the really cheap little ones from the auction for around $7! I like to cut out a spot in the wood and mount the thing solid so that it can't get out of control but that certainly will not work in a neat little tank of opens and small mosses!
So we need to swap lots of ideas, even if they don't work for one tank, they may be just perfect for the next one!
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