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Originally Posted by OVT View Post
Post some pictures of the new tank.
Well, here goes. Please excuse the mess, I just tossed the plants in there. I'm very happy that there was no cloudiness after switching to the larger tank.

Pretty happy with the size(29g or 110 Liters) and light spectrum of the 10.5w LED. Less excited about the silicone-glued filter. Its powerhead(apparently) moves 500L per hour (130g).It is divided vertically, however. Half of its case is media empty, occupied only by the powerhead and heater. The other half can host 2 to 4 (at the most) 2.5 x 2.5 inch sponges placed vertically .

Most water is being drawn at the Top part of the filter, then moved down and back up through the powerhead. The box has other lower intakes, but I doubt it's as efficient as a canister filter. I will definitely get a canister if I start cramming more fish in. I filled the lower half with the Eheim Bio Balls in the sock, and placed the old cycled sponges from the old filter (coarse to fine) in the upper half.

For now, only 4 (Stunted)Peacock Gudgeons, 1 Amano Shrimp, 1 golden Ancistrus and 2 nerites. Many MTS lurking during the dark period. The Amano is kinda like my safety gauge, as it should be the first critter to die, in case something isn't right, right?

I did get some cloudy water when adding the substrate from the 10g, but not for long - I also added another bag of the same stuff. Very fine layer on the bottom, impossible to plant anything in it, but I'll keep it that way for now.

The Anubias are from the older tank, same as the Najas which has broken and spread everywhere during the switch. I'll get to it someday.

The tank looked kinda empty , so I went to a nearby Petshop(not LFS), and bought their 3 remaining plants (Anacharis, Ceratopteris siliqua and Ludwigia Glandulosa.

I shoved some of the Cerato into a piece of those cylindrical sponges used at the intake and wedged it behind some hardscape. Any bits who managed to float still do, along with Najas and Anacharis.

From what I read, L. Glandulosa is a rather Hi Tech plant so I doubt it will last, but hey, as long as it's green Now, and sucking Nitrates

Will post some more pics/updates, as the tank settles a bit more.

Thank you very much OVT for helping me put together a plan for this move. It didn't take long and was actually quite fun
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