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Detritus Worm Infestation

Hello folks,

I started a 20G Long about 7 weeks ago with ADA aquasoil, planted some baby dwarf tears on one side, dwarf hairgrass on the other, bit of sand down the middle, and everything is growing (although the dwarf tears are beginning to brown a little, but that's another topic). No livestock.

Anyways about a week ago, I noticed a few skinny whitish squiggly worms about half an inch long start to appear in the water, did some quick googling, and deducted that these are detritus worms and not planaria, and also read that these are not harmful to livestock, and are actually good to have a few around. I shrugged it off and kept with my weekly 50% water changes.

About three days ago, around 9pm when my light cycle is off, I decided to turn the lights on for a few minutes, and BAM. I estimated roughly 100+ detritus worms taking the jet stream around my tank having the time of their lives.

So I researched some more and many tips said "Gravel wash, gravel wash, gravel wash. Not cleaning well enough, etc etc." I have no gravel; only aquasoil and sand which I really do not want to disturb as dwarf baby tear roots are very small and it has taken a month and a half of patience and growth just to get them to stay rooted in the substrate and actually start propagating horizontally.

Yesterday afternoon after work, I got home early enough before my lights turned off my tank and noticed that there were only 5 or 6 floating around, so I presumed they all went back to their earthly homes.

Given my circumstances and my reluctance to disturb the substrate, what can I realistically do about diminishing the population of detritus worms in my tank?

Tank picture attached for reference~
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