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touch of sky- OOO that is one nice looking dojo. Look how long he/she is! And you sure do have some pretty plants too.

agrasyuk- lol... I usually call them something a bit more pg13 and turd is the G version of it

So... I didn't do a water change yesterday as I had planned. Honestly not sure why I didn't... I just... didn't.
But I did do one today in the 5g betta tank.
It also finally occurred to me to check the water parameters. You would think I was a total n00b for how often I forget to do them and the mistakes I make. Geeze.
It's embarrassing to admit to, but well... meh.
Anyway... sure enough.. there was an ammonia reading. I should have known. With the betta's eyes getting the cloudy look... I should've checked parameters then, but I didn't even think of it. Sigh.
Ammonia was at around 0.5. Also checked nitrites and thankfully that was 0.
Dug out 2 of the biomedia ceramic rings from the 40g and stuck them in to the 5g filter. Hopefully that helps.
Still has a good bit of debris getting kicked up and it's frustrating as heck b/c I can't see where it's gathering. I think I get it all, then go to put water back in to the tank and it's everywhere again. Grrr.

Here's a good example of just how much gunk is still in the tank. I did take out more water right after I took this photo. Tried getting more of it out.
Anyway.. you can also see the holes that are in the crypt leaves. Not sure if they're going to melt or maybe they developed because of the ammonia in the water. I dunno. Added more dry ferts and hope it helps to get the crypts to bounce back. Always have more in the 125 and 40g I can replace them with though.

I finally got over some procrastination and cleaned out the media from the 55 (that has been gathering dust now for a few months lol)... and we took it out to the curb. It was picked up yesterday..... Farewell 55g tank. 20+ years old and I'm sure would've lasted even longer, but we just didn't trust it. When my husband took the stand out all I heard was "Good lord".... then he pointed out how he was surprised that the stand could even hold the tank b/c the stand wasn't designed correctly. Instead of the tank resting on the wooden legs, it was resting on the rack part which was only being held in by just normal screws. There was no extra support. Ugh.. that actually makes me a little ill thinking about how close we came to a watery disaster lol.

40g has a lot less algae. Dunno if it's from the SAE or what, but pfft.. whatever is it.. NICE lol

The moss has just gone crazy in this tank too. It felt like it was taking forever at first and now it's starting to grow like it used to in the 55 and 125. I used to have to remove giant fist fulls of this stuff. Looks like I'll be doing that again eventually
There is a tunnel under there somewhere.

And finally... one of my sword plants is a momma! lol Noticed a stem poking up out of the water when I fed the fish this morning So excited! (it's the blurry stem right behind the beggin little oinker barb)
Will be adding more root tablets this weekend I think. Maybe make some more too if the clay hasn't completely dried up

Low tech planted tanks

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