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Originally Posted by JJ09 View Post
Like your new fish. They look like SAE to me- I had a few one time... used to feed them zucchini. Saw a flying fox in a LFS last year and it looked very different- a lot darker in color. I am getting really fond of my peppered cories. How are yours doing with the temp? I have mine at 74 which I think is a little warm for them, but any cooler and my oto in there would suffer. I love your fat blue gourami. The sparkling gouramis sure are pretty. I didn't know they could live communally, either. Your large tank sure is lush. Wow, those swords. I'm always super nervous to pull a big plant from my tank for the mess it makes kicking crud into the water column.

My betta got that eye cloud once. It was when water quality had gone downhill. I did extra water changes during the week and it cleared up. Keep it clean and he should be ok!

Cheers. Nice to see your tanks again, I hadn't visited your journal in a while.
My cories seem to be doing ok other than the one I found dead. I need to buy more of them when I can. Give them a decent size group. At least 8... maybe 10.
The temp of the tank doesn't seem like it's an issue for them. I haven't seen them acting strange, but it is difficult to spot them since the tank is planted pretty heavily. I honestly didn't even think about the temp of the tank when I bought them. I know panda cories like cooler water, but didn't even think about what other cories would like too. Woops. I really need to get more pf the pygmy cories. There's only one healthy one left and the poor thing is lonely I'm sure

That's great to know about my mystery fish. I think they're SAE too. From all the photos I've seen, flying foxes have a more distinct coloration on the upper back/spine part of their body and they also have color on their dorsal fin (maybe a stripe?) and mine definitely do not have that. Plus the black stripe on them goes all the way in to their tail fin which I think is an indication that it's a SAE.

Yeah.. I wasn't sure about the gouramis living together either tbh. I was even planning on taking the blue one to the LFS if I had to, but it has all worked out great. I don't think the blue one sees the sparkling ones as a threat. I'm sure the tank size and all of the plants help too to give them all enough space. I'm more than happy that it all ended up working out

/nodnod I was nervous about kicking up gunk when I pulled the sword, but it wasn't a problem thankfully. Other than some BBA covered pebbles, the bottom of the 125 is pretty clean.

Figured it was poor water quality since there was still a lot of gunk in his tank. Will definitely be doing those extra water changes this week

Anywho.. thanks for dropping by my thread!

Low tech planted tanks

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