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So I finally got my water changes done and done. Bigger than usual changes and I did some trimming and moving around in the 40.
I also added dry ferts and more clay root tablets to most of the tanks (no root tabs in the 125) b/c I've been seeing some pinholes appearing in the crypts. Thinking its just lack of nutrients since I wasn't doing dry ferts in all of them. Hopefully what I added helps and I'll have to remember to dry fert them again next water change too.
Also forgive all of the glare and reflections. I did this mid-afternoon and there was just a ton of light coming in.

First up is the 5g hex
I can not remember the name of the plant but one of them was not happy in this tank. I dunno if it's the cycling process and high ammonia that caused them to die, but thinking maybe?
So I got most of that out and now.. just a waiting game really. I know it looks a little empty towards the window, but I'm hoping the sword in this tank starts getting bigger soon. No idea what kind of sword it is. Probably another argentine one? since it seems as though I got a ton of those lol.

I'm gonna be on the look out for a small piece of wood to put in to it. Maybe spider wood or heck, maybe something fake if it looks nice enough. I just think it needs something, but it's gotta be small.

Betta 5 gal got a much needed cleaning WITH the glass being cleaned too. I didn't forget! lol
But there's a problem. Betta has white fuzzy spots on his eyes. I've had this happen to fish in the past before and I THINK it might be b/c his tank wasn't as clean as it should have been. I'm going to do another water change in a couple of days to really try to get up the rest of the debris that has settled in some areas. I got a lot of it today b/c I did a 90% water change, but there's still some dirty spots.
Hoping that with nice clean water the spots on his eyes will clear up.
I also moved the anubias nana that was in the 125 in to his tank (on the right side of the rock). I wouldn't mind finding a piece of wood for his tank too. Again... I think I'd like something like spider wood. Gotta just wait though since don't have extra funds right now.

Other than the eyes... how pretty is he?

The 40 got a much needed cleaning too. I also did some rearranging. Moved the small swords to better spots where they should get better lighting. I also moved 2 crypts towards a more shaded spot just to free up more room up front and I trimmed the wisteria down a bit. While trimming the wisteria I found one of the new cories dead Probably dead for maybe a day or so. Not too long. Poor thing. Hopefully not something it caught from my tank and hopefully not something the other ones have too.
If something else dies in this tank, I think I'm going to treat it. For what? I dunno. I don't think it's parasites, so bacterial something?

Had a couple of aponogeton offshoots that were floating around. Planted them so we'll see if they get better or not.

One of the mystery fish. All 3 are still doing well and they have all doubled+ in size since I got them. I dunno if they're eating algae, but they're thriving it seems so.. yay

Not sure if it's the same one or a different one.

The java fern that I had in this tank died... but it has baby attached to it. Took off a few and plopped them in to the 125.
I have absolutely no luck with java ferns. Like... ever. Every single one I've ever gotten has turned black and died.

I also moved the ornament and the reddish colored rock. Rested the rock on the other 2 to create a bridge type of thing and just wanted to move the ornament from the right side b/c the moss is taking over that area and it looked very crowded.

Also.. I think I'm going to remove most, maybe all of the wisteria from the 40 and move the argentine swords to the back. OR take some of the corkscrew val from the 125 and move it to where the wisteria was. The more I think about it, the more I like the idea.
Maybe next water change I'll do it

And the 125 is still chugging along. BBA looks like it's slowly winning this battle. I'm hesitating to use the metricide b/c I don't want the val to get messed up more. It's my own fault for not keeping up consistent weekly water changes.

Sure, they can be aggressive little turds, but they sure are pretty fish

Funky back dojo loach. I know I say it all the time, but I love these fish SO much. These have quickly become one of my favorite fish. Not shy and pretty active, but not too much. Definitely not spazzy like their little wiggly kuhli cousins. And come on.. look at that face. How cute is he?she? Like a little wormy baby Predator lol
I'm getting more dernit! Oh yes... I'm getting more.

And that's all for now. I've been trying to think of ways I can get the ozelot sword more visible without completely removing the wisteria or needing to remove and relocate the sword. Got nothing yet :\

Low tech planted tanks

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