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I actually got some stuff done today!
It took a bit longer than expected b/c our pipes froze overnight. Didn't remember that until after I had drained half the water in the 40g. So guess who got to fill it back up with a 3g bucket..... this gal. :\

I would've waited to do water changes. It's supposed to be warming back up a little in the next couple of days, but hubs took the kids to church with him so that gave me the chance to go to Pet Supermarket by myself and I picked up a few new fish
They were having a sale on some of their fish.. something I wasn't aware of until after I was already home.. oops. I would've gotten more if I had known though. Oh well...

Anywho... bought 5 peppered cories

They look pretty good. Really good size on them but need some fattening up.
Hopefully they'll be ok b/c the little pygmy cories still aren't doing well
I know I should quarantine first. Running the risk though. Hopefully it won't bite me in the ass later.

Also bought 3 "flying fox" which I suspect are just siamese algae eaters.
I put one in to the 40g at first.

And had the other 2 floating while I waited to be able to do a water change in the 125.

I did release the 2 in to the 125, but nope. These sae are teeny tiny and I was afraid that the killifish would hunt them. The male killi did actually try to go after one of them not even 2min after releasing them. Thankfully these fish were easy to catch. Quickly scooped them back up and put them in to the 40.

While doing a water change on the 125... decided to go ahead and pull up the sword compacta to go in to the 40g.
Holy crap... I was NOT expecting this humongous plant

I was expecting a plant with yellowing leaves and a bit ratty looking, but nope. SUPER bushy, lush, healthy plant. I had to take off about 5 or 6 leaves for a little bit of damage here and there, but that was it.
Flippin love sword plants Hopefully the light in the 40 will be good enough. Dunno why it wouldn't be, but /shrugs

In to the 40g it went after I moved around some of the plants in it.

I still need to move a lot of plants around, but pretty sure this is where the compacta will stay.

Like these swords need to be moved...

The tank is just looking very full right now. A bit too much I think. I want to take out some of the crypts or at least bunch them together in the other corner. I dunno... I'll figure something out.

Few random 40 shots...

Also took out these stems. Didn't have a place for them in the 125 so stuck them in the 40. Hoping with the new lighting they'll do well. Would love to try to get more color in my tanks.

So.. if you were following my first thread... I made this mesh tunnel that I was hoping would become this cool pretty looking moss cave. Well..... is it...


Sparkling Gourami were looking mighty adorable. They were really showing off their colors earlier and just looking amazing

And of course.. the powder blue gourami

Here's the spot in the 125 that I took the sword from. You can't tell in the photo.... heck, you can barely tell in person that anything has changed lol.

I did do some trimming on the remaining swords. Not a ton. Just enough to get them off the vallis. They've started blocking the light on them again.

Really wish I had another tank just so I could remove 2 more of these swords lol. I've had success growing sword plants before. It's why I love them.... just not this much of a success. Never had them grow this HUGE.
I haven't added dry ferts in a few weeks. Meant to today, but forgot. Will do that tomorrow if I remember.

Just need to do something with my 125, but no idea what since my options are really really limited.

Low tech planted tanks

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