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Originally Posted by Greggz View Post
Phil great to hear from you. I have been wondering how you have been doing. Myself and I am sure many others here will keep you in their prayers.

And the tank looks great. Very well done.
Thanks Greg. I did the hardscape partly blind when the water was all cloudy from uprooting all the plants, hence the need to tweak it a bit. You'd once said that it was clear I had a vision for the first go-round. I've got another one this time, but it needs some time and renovation of the hardscape. My OCD kicks in hard every time I look at it. I want very much to redo it to get that focal point right, but the plants need time to recover and grow after months of semi-neglect and rough treatment during the rescape. Having it in my face all day, every day is killing me! HAHAHA

Thank you for the prayers. I, and my whole family, need them. The past six months have been a trial and the next six promise to be even more so. Once all the chemo's done I still face open chest surgery to remove the dead tumor tissue.

The GREAT thing is I have almost no hair anywhere anymore. I feel like a younger man if you can consider a 13 year old a man. HAHAHAHAHA Talk about easy to keep clean and not having to shave? It's WONDERFUL!

Originally Posted by burr740 View Post
Looks nice, man. Glad to hear from you. Looking forward to the updates, and good luck with round three. Third time's the charm!
Thanks Joe! It's good to have a reason to be back. Visiting the forums when I "don't really" have a tank going is like putting salt on a wound. Being here makes me want to do things that I really shouldn't. It was bad enough having multiple aquascaping and planted aquarium groups on my FB feed all the time. I almost had to stop following some for a while. On top of that, chemo does weird things to the brain so I haven't been thinking as clearly as normal, which makes it a bit hard to answer questions etc. I judged the AGA with "chemo brain" if that makes you feel more confident of your 1st place ranking. LOLOLOLOLOLOL!

This third time had better be the charm! The first two regimens were what one might call "normal chemo", as in they're regimens that, while harsh, are typical and fairly easy to withstand all things considered. This third one is basically global thermonuclear war except playing is the only way to win. The premise is to first stimulate my bone marrow to eject stem cells into the bloodstream, harvest them, then inject me with a concentration of chemo that would normally kill me and will kill the marrow, then reinject the stem cells and regenerate the marrow. It's essentially a "kill the cancer before we kill Phil" deal. I think I need to make a video of all this and call it Kill Phil vol. 3. What do you think?

@The Dude1 Look up autologous stem cell transplant. That's the procedure we have to look forward to. Your scientific brain may find it interesting.

Phil Edwards, last surviving member of the Nostromo, signing out.

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