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Kolet66 nanos

. This is the shrimp tank I don't really mess with it and I throw in bits and pieces of plants and they just do their thing. shrimp and I have had our differences and unfortunately a few shrimp have lost their lives. Perhaps I'm getting the hang of it now because we have babies ...time will tell.
. Borcelli's nano.. i'm good with fish but me and plants still struggle. This tank is doing so so, or maybe good . I'm just trying to leave it alone and see what happens believe it or not it's coming up on a-year-old. My main complaint is it has a continuous oil slick on the top that no matter what I do I cannot control. Whispers nano. A year ago I named this little betta whisper because he was an all white iridescent whisper. today I call him Dark Whisper because he seems to have gone over to the dark side. Whispers tank is where Java fern goes to die. After about seven months in the tank the java turned brown and looks like a nightmare. In the interest of patience I'm just kind of seeing what it does but it doesn't look good in this tank. The funny thing about this tank... it's just whisper and his nerite..from day one this Tank has always been pristine. Never a drop of algae never out of parameters just slow growing. . The spec 5. Fishy's, snails, and Fauna seem to be holding their own. This Tank always has terrible parameter spikes. Always has even when it just had two snails. I really think there's some problem with the filter on this tank but for the life of me I can't figure out what. The filter media is never really as dirty as it should be especially with this being the most heavily stocked tank . Hmmmm. In closing it seems like none of my tanks want to jungle out like all the pictures I see of everybody else's but maybe slow and steady will win the race for us.

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