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Originally Posted by Zoidburg View Post
Since you have sand, no.

Since it's such a small tank (i.e. under 10 gallons - especially under 5 gallons), again, no.

It can be much harder to keep Nano tanks stable and Caridinas need a specific set of parameters to *really* thrive in, so over-all, I'm just going to say no. On top of that, you live in a warm state and Caridinas prefer it on the cooler side... which is another thing going against you with having such a small tank! It would be easier to keep a larger tank cooler and more stable in temperature than a smaller tank would... unless of course you keep your home at 72 F or cooler...
hmm okay. whats the problem with sand? I thought shrimp preferred finer substrate?

I suppose Ill do RCS in there then, unless they would have problems too? if thats the case what could i do? I'm assuming that tank is too small for a dwarf frog. Snails? :P

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