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Originally Posted by puriance View Post
Omg, this is amazing. I'm going to name my tank "the missing link"

Thank you.

Thank you.

Also, in regards to:

Your tanks are awesome by the way. I checked out your fishroom album too, and I'm a little jealous. I'm excited to have the tank on my desk again where I can see it everyday. However, do you think that my positioning is alright then?

I believe that I have enough space underneath, and ensured that I minimized the amount of dirt and sand underneath the actual driftwood to allow flow, as well as to create a natural hiding spot for my betta.

Thank you for your input and clarification, it really helps. This is only my second tank, and I have a much clearer idea on how it all works now. I'm glad I started with the 20 gallon first, because there was a lot of stuff that I had to do before I could really appreciate the theory of it versus the application. Doing that on a larger scale brought the minutia into focus.

If that makes sense.

If only everything else in my mind came out like this one did! I would be surrounded by beautiful things. Haha
I think your nano looks great.
This forum has some studs and 'chikas with planted tanks that smash mine! Thanks though.
I learned it from youtube and the forum.

I would let it stay close to how you have it, and then learn from the build up or errors, if any that have been made.
Learn from the experience. I think you may be just fine, but will "tweak" the little things in time.
-possibly and Eheim Skim 350 if there is any surface film.

I aimed the Skim350 near the rear back.
If you aim the output at an object, it will not be so crazy of a stream.
Even a diffuser on the output would help.

I purchased the Skim350, and I like it.
It's in the betta tank I posted previously today way over there on the left of the rimless 12long Mr aqua.

As for the pics on the credit card sized driftwood to hold up larger stuff...

The small piece of driftwood (blue square) has a long leg coming off of it, and it holds on to other wood using a black zip tie (red circle).
It all hides well.

I'll PM my Flickr account.
There are more pics and a Youtube channel.
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