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Red face Fertilizer Dosing a Planted 20gal; is it necessary?

Hey y'all, just an amateur trying not to make anymore mistakes. I recently restarted by 20gal because of a bad green algae growth and then a subsequent brown algae growth. My only fish is hanging out in a ten gal. I've heard lots of stuff about dry dosing micro/macro nutrients, but I don't have a lot of cash on hand and I don't like to make it real complicated. I put some potting soil as a base below some Caribsea Crystal River substrate. I have a CO2 pump attached as well. If I put some root tabs in there, would micro/macro dosing really be needed? I don't want the tank to be insanely grown, but just some nice spots for my perch to hang out in. He comes from a heavy alkaline freshwater creek where I live that was filled with only rocks and literally no plants, so I want to make him feel at home without a ton of growth. He likes open space. Since he likes room to swim, should I not accelerate the growth with the micro/macro? Or is it needed with the CO2 pump? The water is 8.25ph with driftwood (already boiled and soaked for a week) and Cadamine Lyrata, Hornwort, Java Fern Windelov, Anubias Nana, Anubias Frazeri, Dwarf Chain sword as a little patch of carpet and Water Wisteria. That sounds like a lot, but its all going to be in a cluster up in the back.

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