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The Planted Tank Articles

Algae Common Types
- The types, how it is caused and how to get rid of it.
Aquascaping Principles and Technique
- General principles and technique of aquascaping are discussed.
Automatic Dosing Pumps
- Methods for setting up automatic ferilizer dosing pumps.
Basics to starting a Planted Tank
- The Basics for a succesful planted tank.
- Calculators to help make your life a little easier.
Chemical compound fertilization shorthand
- A list of the most commonly used dry chemical compounds used for fertilization.
Cherry Shrimp Breeding and Care
- Breeding and Care information for Cherry Red Shrimp.
Cherry Shrimp Breeding and Care
- Breeding and Care information for Cherry Red Shrimp.
Common Freshwater Fish Diseases
- Listing of common freshwater fish diseases along with their symptoms, description and causes.
Crystal Red Shrimp Care and Breeding
- Breeding and Care information for Crystal Red Shrimp.
Custom Painted Background
- Learn how to custom paint your tank's background.
DIY CO2 Diffuser
- Detailed instructions on building a CO2 Diffuser.
DIY CO2 Reactor
- A DIY CO2 reactor I made and use.
DIY Light Hood
- Information on how I built my 55 gallon hood for a total of 160 watts.
DIY Light Hood Fan
- A guide to installing a fan on your hood to cool your lights.
DIY Tank Stand
- Step by Step instructions on how one of our members built his Stand.
DIY Under-Substrate Water Return Manifold
- Details of a DIY Under-Substrate Water Return Manifold with diagrams.
DIY Yeast CO2
- How to inject DIY CO2 into your tank with yeast.
Fertilizers in a Planted Tank
- Discusses the different types of fertilizers commonly used in planted tanks.
General Planted Tank Maintenance
- An overview of the regular maintenance that you should be doing on your planted tank.
Light Bulb Comparison
- Provides specifications for power (measured in Watts) and light (measured as Lumen) for several popular lamp types.
Lighting a Planted Tank
- Article on how important light is in the planted tank.
Necessary Planted Tank Equipment
- A list with descriptions of all the necessary hardware needed to set up a Planted Tank.
Overdriven Normal Output (ODNO)
- Get more out of your lighting for less money.
Paludarium Construction Photo Journal
- A photo journal depicting the construction of a paludarium.
Pressurized CO2
- Detailed guide to set up a pressurized CO2 system.
Sand Substrate
- Discusses the pros and cons of using sand as a substrate in Planted Tanks.
Set up your first planted tank.
- Very basic guide to setting up your first planted tank.
Soilmaster Select Substrate
- A guide to setting up a planted tank with Soilmaster Select Substrate.
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