PeterN1986 20g High, 24L x 12W x 16H inches - Your Tanks
User PeterN1986
Size 20g High, 24L x 12W x 16H inches
Date Started 11/12/2011
Lighting 24" Current Satellite+
Equipment Eheim 2217
Substrate Mineralized topsoil capped with Eco Complete, O+ capsules
Fertilization N/A
Plants Amazon swords, crypts, Taiwan moss, various random stems
Inhabitants 8x various danios 2x Rasboras 3x Pristella Tetras 3x CPD's 1x Lemon Tetra 4x Gold/Silver Tetras 3x Juvenile Platys
Comments Have not done a water change in over a year!
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Looks great! I saw you post in my cfl thread recently (guess i missed a lot of posts!) I really like the stand, my PVC stand doesnt look nearly as nice. -Jmrmotorhead (Matt)
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no water change? what is your secret :D ? 5 star :)
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