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10 gallon betta tank 6-12-2013.jpg
User Saxtonhill
Size 10 gallon
Date Started late March 2013
Lighting T8 18" natural daylight (6500K) The hood was for a 20 gallon high tank, and the light sits about 9 inches off the substrate.
Equipment HOB, Marineland heater
CO2 no
Substrate top soil, laterite and capped by sand. Entire substrate is 4 inches deep. Tank is 12 inches deep.
Fertilization topsoil and root tabs
Plants cryptocorynes, anacharis, anubias nana and anubias nana petite, java moss, hygrophillia difformis
Inhabitants one betta, one mystery snail, a plethora pond snails and Malaysian trumpet snails
Comments weekly water changes, 7 hour photo-period
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