Water7 20 Gallon Long - Your Tanks
User Water7
Size 20 Gallon Long
Date Started May 2013
Lighting 2 T8 Fluorescent Bulbs
CO2 Yeast CO2 diffused through Aquaclear filter.
Substrate Safe-T-Sorb
Fertilization EI dosing, about 1/3 the normal dosage.
Plants Hornwort; Egeria Najas; Anubias Nana; Purple Cabomba; Hydrocotyle (unsure of species); Echinodorus (supposed to be Xinguensis, but I'm not sure); Vallisneria sp. Contortionist; Bacopa Caroliniana; Java fern; Java moss; Hygrophila Corymbosa "Green Temple"; Cryptocoryne Petchii
Inhabitants Fancy guppies, ramshorn and bladder snails.
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