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User flyjsh
Size 1.5 Liter
Date Started 7/28/2008 replanted and resealed 12/10/2008
Lighting West facing window with 3-4 hours direct sunlight
Equipment Gallo bottle and cork
CO2 Whatever is exhaled
Substrate Seasoned Flourite(?)
Parameters Unkown. Sealed since day started.
Fertilization A couple drops of Fourish prior to corking.
Plants Dwarf Hygrophila and Wisteria. No Wisteria on replant (it did not do well the first time)
Inhabitants Three glass shrimp added 1/9/2009
Comments This is an experiment. I have always wanted to create a sealed, self sustaining environment. Once sealed, the only addition to the tank is energy in the form of sunlight. After five months, the snail population grew too fast. They ate everything.... except a clump of hair algae which was all that survived. I replanted with MANY more plants hoping to out compete the algae. I added 3 glass shrimp 1/9/09. As of 2/1 the shrimp look fine and there is only a thin layer of hair algae near the bottom.
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Big Len
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how long will it take for everything to die?
Planted Member
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interestingggg, how is it doing?
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I was always curious about experimenting with making a sealed jar too, like these which are so expensive.
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It's unique. Pretty cool.
Planted Tank Enthusiast
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I would like to try this with my son and his class or boy scout troop.
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Nice! There is a big sealed sphere at the NY Hall of Science that has one big plant an many little little shrimp in it and has been sealed for years. It's a great idea.
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