Amiller 24 gl - Your Tanks
User Amiller
Size 24 gl
Date Started 06/15/13
Lighting Hagen Glo
Equipment hagen Crystal glass 24 gl tank eheim heater marineland bio filter c-190
Substrate black natura rock substrate
Parameters 24"x20"x13"
Fertilization none?
Plants not yet added, planning on java moss and horn wort
Inhabitants currently: 7 harlequin rasboras planned: 3 small gourami (forget the species name) blue in colour - grow to be 3-4 inches 2-3 agazizzi apistogramis 2-4 gold dust mollys 2-4 berlin platys 1 - albino placos (looks like a gold fish forget the species name) 1 - Zebra Angel fish
Comments currently the tank has one medium size piece of drift wood, several peices of natural rock, a background rock and decorative glass marbles in the bottom.
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