Haksar 5x2x2ft - Your Tanks
User Haksar
Size 5x2x2ft
Date Started 28th Jul'08
Lighting 2 150W MH 2 40W white lights 2 40W pink lights
Equipment 02 Atman canister filters Milwuakee ph controller
CO2 Sera C02 pressurised system
Substrate 80kgs of gravel.
Parameters Ammonia -0.50 Nitrate - -0.00 Ph -6.60
Fertilization Some italian brand
Plants Mix of Elodia/Cucumba/Amazon/Glosso/Grass and a red variety.
Inhabitants Nil
Comments Nil
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Planted Tank Obsessed
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Even though the tank is cloudy, it is a delightful aquascape, with particularly exquisite use of "Elodea."
Algae Grower
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sick! this looks great. I love cutting stem plants, and then standing in awe over the biomass.
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