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User CrownMan
Size 40 Gallons (36x12x20)
Date Started Jan 2006
Lighting 192 Watts Coralife Aqualight 6700 CF
Equipment Eheim 2213, HOB AquaClear 70, Duetto 50 internal filter acting as a CO2 mister. Azoo regulator, heater.
CO2 Azoo Regulator, 10# tank, needle valve, Azoo diffusor/ Duetto 50 mister.
Substrate half flourite, half eco complete via a divider. Not mixed.
Parameters ph 6.3, kh 4, gh 8, no3 20, po4 2, ca 50, mg 10, temp 77.
Fertilization Tom Barr's EI with CSM +B traces. 60% water change weekly
Plants Ludwigia Cuba, Mermaid Weed, various crypts (wendtii and lutea), HC, Ludwigia Glandulosa, Alternathera Reneicki, Blyxa Japonica, Limnophila Aquatica, Cabomba Furcata, Rotala Macrandra, Java Moss, Water Lettuce
Inhabitants 3 Robertsi Tetras, 1 Peppered Cory, 4 Albino Corys, 1 Platy, 25 Cherry Shrimp and various snails.
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Looks great! And i love the Half and Half :)
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realy liking that ground cover
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Can we see a FTS?
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