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User i love planted tanks
Size 46 gal bow front
Date Started 2/5/2010
Lighting 1 t8 32watt&1 t12 32watt florescent bulbs and two leds for moonlight on each side of the tank
Equipment whisper filter
CO2 diy co2 2 2liter bottles
Substrate sand and some black gravel
Parameters temp:72-78f
Fertilization liquid fertz every once in a while and root tabs
Plants lotus, 2 types of sword,jungle val,creeping jenny,java fern,crypts,Bacopa Australis
Inhabitants angel fish,glow light tetras,tiger barbs(green®ular),sae's,albino cae,nerite snails,zebra danios,bumble bee gobys,bronze cory cats
Comments low tech
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I love seeing low teck tanks. However with that little light does it really need the co2? Any updated pictures?
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awesome tank ^^ .
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