MrSwampfish 2.5 ft - Your Tanks
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User MrSwampfish
Size 2.5 ft
Date Started 2 years ago
Lighting 11W x 2 PL lights
Equipment Hang on back filter, power filter, cyberaqua lighting system
CO2 D.I.Y co2 with glass diffuser
Substrate Plain gravel
Parameters P.h = 4 to 5
Fertilization Liquid ferts once in a week, top off new water when its getting low.
Plants Microsorum pteropus, anubias barterii, anubias nana, echinodorus tellenus, hygrophila polysperma "sunset", hygrophila difformis, Nympaea lotus rubra, Crypt. Affinis, Chrismas moss, & Vallisneria.
Inhabitants Rasboras, rummy nose, zebra, cherry barbs, black neon tetras, & plecos.
Comments Tank almost 2 years now.
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