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User Xirxes
Size 240
Date Started 20 June 2013
Lighting 4 x Finnex Ray 2 48" 7kK LED fixtures
Equipment FX5 filter Co2
CO2 5lb
Substrate 100% Ecocomplete
Fertilization Substrate and Root Tabs
Inhabitants Platinum angels, Rummynose tetras, Clown loaches, black neons, cardinal tetras, bushynose plecos, siamese algae eaters, asst. corydoras
Comments 100% RO/DI water source
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Wannabe Guru
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Is that blue light at the center bottom on purpose? Cus it adds nice interest.
Planted Tank Obsessed
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There is blue LED across the whole bottom rear of tank, adding a nice uplight effect from behind tank through opaque background.
Planted Tank Obsessed
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Junior Member
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if I may ask why you only use ro/di water? I've read that water has less or no minerals in it, vs. tap water and isn't Beneficial to plants?
Planted Tank Enthusiast
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Nice! It's a 8 feet tank? Michel.
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