azuara1 100 gallons - Your Tanks
User azuara1
Size 100 gallons
Date Started 2 agosto 2008
Lighting NATURAL SUN LIGHT 8am a 7 pm artificial ilumination .. hqi 7pm a 10 pm
Equipment filter fluval 305 (biological) filter eheim ecco 80 gall (quimical)
CO2 tank 2kgs regulator azoo
Substrate azoo and tropica
Parameters PH 7
Fertilization only flourish exell
Plants ANUBIAS HELECHO JAVA WINDERLOV madagascariensis ROSEAFOLIA higrophilia roseanerving
Inhabitants 4 DISCUS 25 NEON 20 TETRA 2 plecos 2 ecalar 6 CORYDORA 8 OTOCINCLUS
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